Technologically challenged?

View the tour without a mobile device. Download a printable PDF to see a map of the locations and images of the highlighted entries.

Future City Tour

WHAT is this?
The Future City Tour is an augmented reality tour which allows anyone with an iPhone 3GS or Android device to see ideas for the future of Boston on-site. It is a fun way to start seeing what could be, plus it is 100% free!

WHERE do I download it?
Download the Layar application to your iPhone 3GS or Android phone. Your phone needs an internet connection, camera, GPS and compass to be able to use Layar.

List of supported devices here.

HOW do I use it?
Once the Layar application is downloaded and installed (see above), open the Layar application and:

  1. Select SHIFTboston from menu
  2. The camera will open up on your phone within Layar. The camera is in Layar mode and your global positioning is tracked through your camera.
  3. As you walk around the Fort Point Channel, icons will appear on the screen of your phone at the site of the location, click the icon and it will take you to the idea for the specific location.

WHY are we doing this?
We are taking advantage of the latest technology to promote the ideas we gather for the future of Boston. Seeing the ideas on location provides the biggest impact and augmented reality allows us to do it. Ideas are linked to the actual site and anyone can have access to it. Our plan is to cover the entire city with YOUR new ideas for everyone to see!